What Your Realtor Won't Tell You...

Real estate is emotional. I know because I'm a real estate agent and I have bought and sold several properties myself.  I work on the Westside of Los Angeles where the current market has rebounded from the Great Recession and yet is not what it was before the bubble burst.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Another bubble, another burst.


Why is real estate so emotional?  First of all, there is a lot of money in the mix and buying and/or selling your home is one of the biggest things you will most likely ever do.  Unless you're an investor who buys and sells homes for a living, buying and/or selling your home often means a huge life change.  You will be moving and that is always a big 
change, whether it's across town or to another state or country, it's a big deal.


As a former psychotherapist I understand just how exciting, emotional and at times stressful this process can be.  When you look at the stress scale, moving is near the top as being one of the most stressful things in life.  Sometimes it's eustress.  Eustress is good stress, like getting married, and sometimes it's just plain stress, like the deal fell through or the other party is being difficult. 

That's why it makes sense to hire a professional realtor to help you through the process.  Even in the

best case scenario, there are so many things to consider when listing your home and/or making an offer

on one.  Make sure you hire the best and may your next move be fabulous! 

You Know You Live In L.A. When


I love these lists so I decided to write my own.  Do any of you relate?

You know you live in L.A. when:

 * We are expecting a slight change of showers and we are on STORM WATCH.
Oh and the meteorologist looks like this.



* There is sushi on the menu at the school cafeteria.


* Noses turn up in your direction if you drive anything less than a BMW or a Mercedes.  Unless you drive a Prius, then you are still cool.  Right Leo?



* You fear pulling into the center turning lane because some drivers have decided it's their own personal lane.


* You see Paris Hilton shopping at Kitson.


* You think you have a coat somewhere.......


* You make plans according to the traffic.  No appointments after 3pm if you have to cross the 405.


* You live right near the beach but you never actually go there.


* Getting into preschool is harder than getting into college. 



* You are putting up your Halloween decorations in shorts a tank top and fl

If you have any others let me know!

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The Big Picture In Real Estate...

It's very easy to get caught up in what is happening in the market right now.  I'd like to give you some perspective:


My house was built in 1927. It's in Westwood and has lots of charm. They built houses smaller and sturdier back then and it has held up very well to time and trends.


The previous owner told me a story of how he was under the house one day fixing something, when he saw a piece of newspaper.  He didn't pick it up, as he could tell it was really old, but was able to read it.  It was from the L.A. Times real estate section in 1928.  It was an ad for a 5 bedroom, 4 bath house in Monterey Park.  That was a huge house back then.  The price was $5,000.  That's right, $5,000.

So the moral of the story is, real estate prices will fluctuate in the short term, but in the long term they

will always go up.  Granted, that term may be longer or shorter depending on the market conditions, but

real estate will always be a good investment.


If you're thinking about buying or selling, let me know.  I'd be very happy to help you with your next real

estate transaction.